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Online Services

Ever wish your computer would just work? 

We designed a service to do that.  Our customers tell us, "It just works."  

Designed to protect solopreneurs, Ingenious Defense is one of the most powerful security systems available.

It includes:

A Powerful Next-Generation Security Service 

Uses Artificial Intelligence to protect your computer as never before.

Automatic Updating of Windows and your third party apps.

24/7 Monitoring of your computer services and hardware and more

We make your life easier so you can do what you do best!

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Tech News

Ever wondered who can give your reliable tech advice? 

We have also and we keep finding more Ingenious Geeks.

We have been seeking out the finest technologies, services and mindsets of the world's best.  You will find them here.

Topics such as:

Cyber Threats

How to articles and videos

Management Advice

Productivity Training


Social Media/Marketing

and much more...

We gather the best advice out there, vetting it, so you can make informed choices, relax and then focus on what you do best!

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Training & Technology Courses

Ever thought:

"I should be able to manage this technology myself?"

Maybe you can!

Many areas of technology are maturing to the point that the solopreneur can, with the right products/services, self-manage them.

We are designing unique courses for you, making them available nationally, giving you the best tools to protect and grow your business at an affordable price.

This includes technology courses, such as:

PC Maintenance 101 - How to maintain and secure your Windows computer.

Solopreneur Tech 101 - How to choose, deploy and maintain technology in your business.

and many more.

The world's best technology, now in your hands.

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