About Us

We are technology security and cloud specialists who have been serving industry, universities and law enforcement for the past 25 years creating technology solutions for them. 
We are now focusing on the unique needs of America's small and micro businesses (entrepreneurs). We support the small business owner using the best strategies and tools to help them protect and grow their business.

 We are now offering the most powerful and yet affordable automated IT & security services suite, designed just for the small business! It's called Ingenious Defense and it is as powerful as any of the tools used by big business but designed especially to protect and maintain small business computers while keeping it affordable. Now you can have the same security and peace of mind that big business enjoys.

We also created a daily news site, a great tech resource for the small business
it's called: "ingenious.news." 

We are currently in production of our first video course called: "Secrets to a Fast and Safe PC!"  It will be a free course available to all.

Our business started in Newport Beach, California with a team of visionary techs seeking to revolutionize the way technology services were delivered.