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You can see...

  • who is on your PC...

  • what they are doing...

  • when they are doing it...

  • so you can protect yourself!

It's like having a Super Power!

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Ingenious Alert Services

Add the newest & most powerful layers of security ever made  to your PC for Free. (sample report)

With it, you will know:

  • when your PC has been beached - worth $50 a month
  • which are the malicious files on your PC - worth $10 a month
  • receive Alert Reports - worth $5 a month
  • gain peace of Mind - Priceless!

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Ingenious Alert Services

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"Ingenious Alert Services is an amazing automated service. It is exactly what we needed for our startup! I was shocked at how detailed the scans and alerts were. Thank you, Ingenious Geeks!"

Scott MacNaughton
Startup Geek

"Ingenious.News Updates have helped protect our business. I love the simplicity of the tools they send us! Quick to implement and often shocking at how vulnerable we were. I look forward to getting their news!"

Brian Goodwin
Business Owner

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