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The most powerful and affordable automated IT Next Generation Security Services

Designed just for the small business!


"I thought I was going to have to buy a new faster computer but Ingenious Defense cleaned up my computer and now it runs like it was new! This product is great. "

Chris Galloway

"Ingenious Defense is a no brainer virus protection. I just installed it and the software takes care of itself. No more wondering if I have the best protection."

Keith Woodcook

"The vendor’s tech was installing their new printer, but Ingenious Defense didn’t allow him to bring it on line until all of THEIR viruses were removed. I liked it before, I love it now! Thank you Ingenious Geeks."

Armin Brown
Goof Board

"I’m very busy and love the fact that this is all taken care of. This system is for me excellent."

Thilo Irenaeus Young

"Ingenious Geeks are the absolute best at diagnosing issues. I highly recommend this product."

Gail Zink Sheppard

"Seamless and constant service that solves problems, most before they occur."

Brian Goodwin
Owner, Insure Yourself

"Solve your computer problems once and for all."

Charles Chop
Owner, CJ Properties

"Improved security, fewer breaches and less downtime"

Leslie Stevens-Huffman
Independent Writing Professional

Local small businesses explains how Ingenious Defense protected them.

an interview with Armin Brown, owner of Goofboard Products on an incident where Ingenious Defense protected their intellectual property.


Our Comprehensive solution is superior because it provides many layers of protection.

A secure computer is one that is properly scanned and maintained daily.

Choose from these 3 Protection Levels:

Cancel anytime, if you don't see the value
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The Deep PC security scan


Single Payment

  • The Deep Scan may take an entire week to complete
  • It will scan for viruses, malware
  • computer services and hardware problems
  • We may need remote access to your PC
  • A thorough report of the findings will be emailed
  • Recommendations will be included.
  • and more...
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Powered by Artificial Intelligence



  • Automatic Updating of Windows and your third party apps
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your computer services and hardware
  • Email alerts to all critical issues
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Computer Health Reports
  • Powerful Next-Generation Security Service 
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to protect your computer as never before
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Complete Business Package



  • It includes everything in The Popular plan, plus...
  • Automatic Cloud Backup of all your documents
  • Personalized Business Domain name
  • Office 365 Email Service with the entire Office Suite.
  • and more
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The service includes:

We offer discounts for offices with multiple computers.  Contact us for a quote!

at: [email protected]

You really can't afford to wait until things break.

The repairs become more expensive and the downtime can often be days, often putting your business on hold.

Our customers tell us that regular maintenance is saving them money!

It's important to remember that unmaintained computers are the target of hackers.  They look for computers without its security patches and exploit these vulnerabilities. When they find your computer, you can lose everything. Sadly, a third of those hacked in this way never recover.  

Therefore, the cost of computer maintenance is like insurance, you can't afford not to have it.


Successful businesses eventually need  to hire IT experts, because the risks to their business are too great.  These businesses pay on average between $100 to $150 per computer per month for similar services.

Comprehensive maintenance services require an ever changing host of expensive tools and services.  Large businesses can buy them in bulk thus driving the prices down.

This is why most IT firms aren't interested in working for smaller customers.

This is why we designed this program for you!  With many small businesses working together we are reducing these costs and passing the savings down to you!


We don't require an annual contract because we want you in charge.  You can cancel any time if you are not satisfied.

We have created a monthly solution that gives you the tools of big business at a fraction of the cost, with little risk. 

We monitor the health of your computer throughout the day.  Giving you reports when you want them daily, weekly and/or monthly on its condition.

You will even receive alerts whenever your computers are in danger.  Whether it is from failing hard drives, or dangerous malware, you will know what you need to know, when you need it!

You will also receive regular system health reports so, for instance, you will know if your hard drive is beginning to fail, before you have a disaster.

85% of computer security threats can be blocked when all your applications are up to date!

Our service will help you automate a series of daily professional maintenance tasks on your computer, so you don't have to.  You will let us know when we can install these for you, on your schedule.

The result is that your computer will work better and more reliably and more secure so you can get back to business!

If you don't already have antivirus protection we will provide it for you at no additional charge.

Our more advance option includes an artificially intelligent security service that has been stopping even the most aggressive threats, including ransomware! 

Computers with this next-generation solution  are largely trouble free!

Yes, we have programs in place for those who have tried our services and love them to work with us in driving those prices down or even making it free!

If you want to know more about this. email us at: [email protected]

Our services are designed to eliminate the costly services on expensive IT service firms, by giving you the tools they use for a fraction of the cost.

We will soon offer helpdesk support for those times you need more help and can't afford to wait and/or bring in the experts.  

In the meantime, there are times you may require onsite support .  We don't provide this, but we may have recommendations of services in your area. 

Fortunately, the need for onsite service drops dramatically when you have regular maintenance.

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