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Cylance - The game changing artificial intelligent security software

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2016

Cylance!! The next generation antivirus platform.

It is the first antivirus program to use artificial intelligence to find and stop antivirus/malware in their tracks. Microsoft is working with it and Dell will be offering it next year!

Why haven’t you heard of it? 

The company is currently focusing on enterprise level networks (500+ computers).  But we have recently created a partnership with Cylance that enables us to offer this amazing solution to you, today!

  • Cylance is far more effective than the best antivirus/malware systems out there.
  • No more daily antivirus updates! 
  • No more daily scans! 

How does it work?

Cylance looks for 6.2 million virus indicators when it performs a onetime scan of every file on your computer. It will then run in 1% of your computer memory to stop new threats.

Cylance typically achieves a 99 percent catch rate.  Today, the big name antivirus programs brag about finding around 60% of these threats.

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