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Apply now! We will choose 17 more businesses to receive our service, in advance of our general release. In return, you will get our service for free on a computer of your choice. All we ask is that you answer our short weekly questionaire and provide feedback on your experience of the service!









"For the first-time in years our computers are essentially trouble free!"

"It's funny but when you updated our computers and removed the viruses, they worked great! Odd... :)"

"It's a relief to know that we are finally safe from ransomware! Thanks a million!"

"Your service just works!"

A Next Gen


Specifically designed to give the small business owner a competitive edge!

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Artifically Intelligent

We use the most powerful defenses for your computer, currently being used by only large enterprise organizations.

System Monitoring

Receive alerts whenever your computers are in danger.  From failing hard drives, to dangerous malware, you will know what you need to know, when you need it!


You data is protected from accidental deletion, corruption or theft.  Now you can sleep at night knowing your vital business documents are safe and secure.

What it does...

We can secure all of your Windows devices: computer, servers, laptops, tablets, and monitor their health.

The most powerful online system on the market, designed to ensure that your computers and servers are safe and secure not just from viruses and malware but from software and hardware vulnerabilities and a host of threats not addressed by the competition. We leverage artificially intelligent services to ensure that your systems will be safe and just work!!

We make your life easier so you can do what you do best! 

What it will not do...

Since we are still in the beta-phase of delivering this new technology to small business, we will not be providing comprehensive remote support services.

  • We do not provide onsite repair of your computers, although we may have technicians we can refer you to. 
  • We cannot guarantee that you will never have a successful hacker attack on your computer. 
  • We cannot be responsible for actions of your employee's that may compromise your data or systems.

A few of our upcoming services!

These are currently in development and we are seeking small business owners feedback on these as well.

Ingenious Recovery

We will automatically backup all your critical business data and store it offsite.

Ingenious Makeover

We will guide you through the process of upgrading your logo's, website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages and help you get the attention you are look for.

Ingenious Productivity

We will guide you through the latest methods and techniques new services available to manage the many demands for your attention, from email, texts, phone calls and meeting.

More amazing services are coming soon!

We are designing other services that will make your life easier!


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